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Article: About the Founder


About the Founder

"Everybody deserves to look—and feel—their best."

Dr. James Kilgour is the founder and CEO of KilgourMD. 

From a young age, James struggled with rosacea — igniting his quest for a genuine solution to address his skin concerns. His pursuit led him through department stores lined with alluring products promising miraculous results, only to be met with disappointment as they failed to live up to their claims.

This experience sparked a realization: effective skincare isn’t rooted in flashy marketing, but in real (and simple) science.

In 2017, James graduated with honours from Cardiff University School of Medicine in the United Kingdom. Following graduation, James served as a resident physician at the University of Oxford, where he immersed himself in dermatology and bone marrow transplant research. In 2019, James relocated to the United States, embarking on a two-year precision medicine research fellowship at Stanford University working to develop groundbreaking therapeutics for skin cancer.

Today, James is completing his residency training in dermatology at Stanford University, a top five dermatology training program in the United States.