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The Prevention Scalp Serum

Here’s your first response: stop hair thinning before it begins! As your frontline of defense, The Prevention Scalp Serum for hair growth nourishes your follicles, stopping them from shrinking to maintain thick, full-looking hair. By working like a stress repellent for your scalp, it blocks DHT—the hormone that triggers hair thinning—while reducing environmental and aging-related damage. Think of this step like sunscreen for the scalp.

This solution in our serum for scalp health includes a mix of patented ingredients (Procapil®, Capixyl®, Anagain® and RootBioTec®), all representing today’s most advanced plant-based solutions for scalp health, alongside our proprietary blend of liposomal encapsulated L ascorbic acid. When combined with our treatment serum, these active ingredients proved to outperform minoxidil—without the side effects—in a peer-reviewed randomized controlled trial.

Just apply a few drops of our hair thinning prevention serum to your scalp and massage in the product. Repeat this process every night.


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How to use our hair regrowth serums

Step 1

Pump 3-4 drops of product onto your palm.

Step 2

Spread a thin layer across your fingertips.

Step 3

Apply directly to the scalp, using your fingertips and massage in.

Step 4

Style your hair as usual!


Real people, real results


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
So far so good

Five weeks of daily use and scalp feels good. Hair feels good too!

Too soon to tell

I’ve received two requests for a review so far and I’d prefer to wait as after 30 days I have not seen any results and I understand it can take longer. I do like the fact that the products are not greasy. I use them before going to bed and have no issues with pillow staining and my hair is perfectly dry in the morning.

Dancing M.
Amazing so far

I am 75, with long, mostly brown hair. For the last 15 years, my hair has been getting thinner and thinner until I was fearful that I would have to cut it off to make it look better. I have/had two white streaks on the sides of my head, starting at my temples, for years now. The company DOES NOT claim this in any way, and I can't claim correlation or causation, but since I've been using these products, my white hair has been slowly turning brown again. First, it goes a very light red in a small area, and then it turns brown. I also started a rice water shampoo around the same time, so I don't know which one is doing it, or perhaps it is the combination, but it looks like I am headed toward becoming an old lady with completely brown hair. Now, on to what the company actually claims. The products are not one bit greasy. They soak in overnight and don't impact my styling at all. It's still a little early to say whether I'm getting new growth, but I'm hopeful. I know that the products feel good, and my hair looks good. I'm still on my first bottles, but have already purchased my second bundle.

Sachin B.
The hair loss product I’ve been looking for

I’ve been struggling with hairless for a few years and I have already tried topical minoxidil and topical finasteride with mixed results. I finally found this gem. Within two months, my hair fall visibly reduced by 30%, and my scalp has never felt better—soothed, nourished, and free from the greasy feel and dandruff that other minoxidil products leave behind. Someone mentioned the pump doesn’t work, but it works perfectly fine! I’ve not had an issue with the bottle and I just ordered another one. Highly recommended for anyone on the brink of giving up on their hair woes!

Henry K.
Equal to Minoxidil & Finesteride w/o the Irritation or Greasy Hair

I have been concerned with my hairline for 14 years to the point where I've undergone a robotic hair transplant. To ensure that I keep what's left of my hair, I've used both Rogaine and Happy Head (with topical Finasteride) but experienced issues with both products. Rogaine made my hair appear stiff and greasy, and Happy Head irritated my scalp while causing a throbbing sensation. This is the 3rd bottle of KilgourMD that I've purchased, and I can report that I am experiencing less shedding than usual. The thin, strangled hairs that make up the front of my hairline have increased in circumference, and the quality of my hair looks less wiry. I can also style my hair with a matte finish because the lightweight serum is completely absorbed by the scalp. In regards to the packaging, it's nice to have a bottle that blends in nicely alongside Aesop, Le Labo, and Oribe products (if you care about aesthetics). I have not experienced any issues with the pump, and I appreciate how far a few pumps of serum go in terms of addressing the entire crown of my head.

Sam A.
6 weeks to thicker hair

6 weeks of use and there has been a notable increase in baby hair growth to my front hairline which has been receding over the past 2-3 years. I'm using both of the serums daily, and I find it easiest to apply after washing my hair or at least dampening first with water, so that the solution spreads more easily. I generally use them before bed, and haven't had any issues with staining of my pillows (I have white sheets) and haven't noticed an odor after applying. Packaging was all intact and the black glass bottle was super sleek too

Lavanya B.
Magic in a bottle

After using this product for just two weeks, I am already seeing a significant decrease in my hair fall. This product truly works wonders. As someone who has been skeptical of scalp care products in the past, I was relieved to discover that this product is developed by a dermatologist. The formula is exceptional as it leaves my hair non greasy after application. I am very happy I found this product!

Sandra L.
Patience needed but results do follow

The results from this serum are not immediate, but I've found that with some patience over two months I am now seeing the benefit. I was experiencing a lot of shedding but it has now been quite significantly reduced. Have recommended to several friends expereincing shedding from stress and illness, but do not expect overnight results.

Deanne W.
No more plugged shower drain

With some recent work stress I began to notice a huge amount of hair fall - this serum has completely reversed it, and now my shower is no longer getting plugged so quickly with hair. I'm amazed at how tangible the results are.

Christina R.
Amazing for post-partum hair loss

After my first pregancy I lost a huge amount of hair. For my second child, I started using this in my third trimester and now post-partum I haven't had any of the shedding and hair fall that I suffered from last time. The product couldn't be easier to use, it applies easily and with no greasy residue. Highly recommend to other expecting mothers out there!