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The Prevention Scalp Serum

Here’s your first response: stop hair thinning before it begins! As your frontline of defense, The Prevention Scalp Serum nourishes your follicles, stopping them from shrinking to maintain thick, full-looking hair. By working like a stress repellent for your scalp, it blocks DHT—the hormone that triggers hair thinning—while reducing environmental and aging-related damage. Think of this step like sunscreen for the scalp.

This solution includes a mix of patented ingredients (Procapil®, Capixyl®, Anagain® and RootBioTec®), all representing today’s most advanced plant-based solutions for scalp health, alongside our proprietary blend of liposomal encapsulated L ascorbic acid. When combined with our treatment serum, these active ingredients proved to outperform minoxidil—without the side effects—in a peer-reviewed randomized controlled trial.

Just apply a few drops to your scalp and massage in the product. Repeat this process every night.


Four steps to scalp health

Step 1

Pump 3-4 drops of product onto your palm.

Step 2

Spread a thin layer across your fingertips.

Step 3

Apply directly to the scalp, using your fingertips and massage in.

Step 4

Style your hair as usual!


Real people, real results

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Alex L.

Skeptic turned believer - after 6 weeks of using the prevention my hair is visibly looking healthier, thicker, shinier. I had my hair cut today and my usual hair dresser wants to start stocking this!

Sarah W.
Great for the menopause

My hair was always very thick, but since starting the menopause at age 43 my hair has been thinning and has become much dryer. This serum has really helped slow that down and reverse it. I haven't tried the treatment product but I'm planning to soon.

Getting Compliments

I left a review for the treatment serum as well, but it is worth noting that I have been getting random compliments on the state of my hair since using both product in tandem after I shower. I've been using both the Treatment and Prevention Serums for about 2 months now and my mom and grandfather both at random times (and unprompted) remarked how much more "full" and "thick" my hair looked.

Alex D.
first product I've seen to prevent hair thinning

Saw an article on this and thought it was really unique that it actually prevents hair thinning. Have made this a part of my haircare routine after washing, and I have actually seen a difference in my hair.

Amanda J.
Was searching for a natural product and found The Prevention

I was looking for a natural scalp care product and came across this. I really love the attention that has been paid to the formulation and the use of so many plant extracts.

Angelica S.
Hair shedding is night and day

This has really decreased my hair from shedding. I've seen way less hair in my shower drain and bed sheets in the morning. Couldn't be happier with the effectiveness.

Vivian H.
Very Satisfied

My hairdresser has been commenting how much thicker my hair is looking now!

Jack S.

Seeing similar results to Rogaine but the texture is so much better to apply and no odor.

Hannah S.
REAL deal!

This stuff is the real deal - bought after I saw an Insta ad and now its an essential part of my hair care regimen.

Love love love the serum

I really like what’s been created here by Dr. Kilgour. Not oily, doesn’t change my hair (doesn’t effect the daily look or feel) except making it thicker!