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The Treatment Scalp Serum

Regrow stronger, shinier hair with the second stage of our system: The Treatment Scalp Serum. Designed to combat hair thinning and replenish sparse areas, our hair treatment product fortifies your follicles so they behave younger, keeping them more resistant to the effects of scalp ageing. Plus, by boosting circulation to your scalp, it helps oxygen-rich blood reach your follicles, providing essential nutrients for thicker-looking hair.

This solution in our scalp treatment product features Redensyl®, a groundbreaking organic compound that targets the stem cells of follicles, combined with our proprietary blend of eight botanicals—each packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. When used alongside The Prevention Scalp Serum, the results proved to outperform minoxidil in a peer-reviewed, randomized control trial.

Just apply a few drops to your scalp and massage in the product. Repeat this process every night. Try our scalp and hair thinning treatment for transformative rejuvenation.


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How to use our hair regrowth serums

Step 1

Pump 3-4 drops of product onto your palm.

Step 2

Spread a thin layer across your fingertips.

Step 3

Apply directly to the scalp, using your fingertips and massage in.

Step 4

Style your hair as usual!


Real people, real results

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Priya P.
The only thing that has worked.

I cannot give this a high enough rating. I was getting desperate with my hair loss, and had tried basically everything out there, from topicals to systemic medications to treatments such as PRP and devices such as light caps. This product by Kilgourmd is literally the ONLY thing that has worked for me.

Mark S.
Great results!

Great results! All natural and effective…very fast shipping and attentive with any questions i had!

Girija S.
Supercharges your hair!

I love the product! I’ve been suffering from shedding and was using just The Prevention alone - which works fantastically. The Treatment is the cherry on the cake - my hair thickness is greater than ever, with a massive reduction in shedding. I even used it on my beard recently!

Caroline E.
Hairdresser noticed the new growth

I was pleasantly surprised when my hairdresser, unaware of any changes I had made, remarked on the noticeable growth and increased volume of my hair. It was so exciting to hear!

Rachel H.
Consistency is crucial for quick results

This serum is incredibly effective! I've experienced some hair loss around my temples, likely from years of tying my ponytail too tightly. After using this product daily for 2 months, I began noticing remarkable results. Thin hairs started to grow in where I applied the serum. Additionally, I observed my hair feeling healthier and thicker overall. Integrating it into my regular hair care routine was effortless.

Mark S.
Great results

Highly recommend - the best hair growth product I've tried.

Jessica B.
I think this helped!

I've been using it on and off for the past few months and have seen positive results. Alongside, I've been taking Viviscal vitamins. My hair has always been on the thinner side, especially as I've gotten older, so it needs some extra care. With KilgourMD, I've noticed that my hair doesn't need to be washed as frequently, and it's not greasy like when using minoxidil.

Renee W.
Makes my hair look fuller

Even though I've been using it for less than a month, I must say my hair feels amazing. I'm not sure yet if it'll truly stimulate hair growth, but a friend of mine who battled ovarian cancer strongly believes it helped her regrow her hair. Admittedly, it's quite pricey.

Randy L.
Easy to use with great results

Not sure what more I could ask for - it works, it's easy to use, and my hair is looking great.

Rachel E.
6 weeks to thicker hair

6 weeks of use and there has been a notable increase in baby hair growth to my frontal hairline which has been receeding over the past 2-3 years. I'm using both of the serums daily, and I find it easiest to apply after washing my hair or at least dampning first with water, so that the solution spreads more easily. I generally do this before bed, and haven't had any issues with staining of my pillows (I have white sheets) and the odor is not perceptible after applying.