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Article: How to use our transformative scalp health products


How to use our transformative scalp health products

We intentionally designed our serums to work perfectly together, as well as with your lifestyle. For optimal results though, here are some tips from us.

Use the serums once a day, either in the morning or evening, and ideally after showering.

Our serums work with just single application daily, and you can choose when that fits in best with your routine. If you’re showering, make sure to apply after towel drying your hair, because our serums are designed to be left on the scalp to work their magic (and science) all day. Not washing your hair today? No problem – you’re fine to apply on both fresh washed and day two (or beyond) scalp. 

Apply The Prevention first, followed by The Treatment.

We formulated our products with intention, so that you can use both serums together for optimal scalp health results. There is no need to wait in between applying the two products – just go for it! While we like to prevent before treat, you can use the two serums in either order. We don’t recommend mixing the two together into one solution, however.

Make it a wellness moment! Use your fingertips to massage in.

Dispense 3-4 drops of the first serum into the palm of your hand and spread lightly across your fingertips. Run those fingers through your scalp, starting at your area of greatest concern (often the frontal hairline or the crown). Focus on applying the product directly to the scalp and the roots of your hair – there is no need to apply throughout the hair lengths because our serums target the scalp directly. We like to use this as an opportunity for some selfcare, so massage in and enjoy this moment to yourself.

Follow with your usual hair styling products and your scalp care regimen is complete!

Our serums are fragrance-free, with a light gel texture that spreads transparently. They won’t mess up your style, weigh finer hair down, or stain your beautiful colour (or your pillowcases). So once finished with your application, go ahead, and complete your hair styling as normal. The only thing left is to admire your great hair day in the mirror!