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Article: Your dermatologist guide to rehabilitating damaged hair

Scalp Care

Your dermatologist guide to rehabilitating damaged hair

We get it – life's a rollercoaster, and sometimes our hair takes the ride with us. If you're feeling down about the state of your hair, fear not! We've got the lowdown from our resident expert, dermatologist Dr. Kilgour, on rehabilitating those gorgeous tresses and turning heads again.

  1. Hydration is Non-Negotiable: Think of your hair as a plant that's been in the desert for too long – it needs water, and lots of it! Invest in a quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo. Look for ingredients like argan oil or shea butter to give your hair the drink it deserves. For an even bigger boost of hydration, follow with a leave-in conditioner or hair oil.

  2. Say 'No' to Hot Showers: We know, those scalding hot showers are life, but they're not doing your hair any favors. Hot water strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it drier than the Sahara. Opt for lukewarm water instead, and your hair (and skin) will thank you.

  3. Trim the Drama Away: Time for a reality check – split ends are not your friends. Schedule regular trims to bid farewell to those unruly split ends and welcome healthier, bouncier locks.

  4. Protect and Serve: Give your hair a break from the heat tools every once in a while. If you can't resist the allure of styling, use a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from the damage.

  5. Mask-erade Party: Treat your hair to a weekly mask-erade party! An intensive weekly leave-in bond building treating will help repair the broken covalent, hydrogen and ionic bonds that hold the fibres of the hair together.

  6. Don't Forget your Scalp Health: It all starts with the root. Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair growth, and that's where we come in. Check out the KilgourMD comprehensive anti-ageing scalp system!

Your hair deserves all the love and attention – so go ahead, pamper those locks and let the world see the gorgeous, healthy hair you were born to flaunt! 💁‍♀️✨