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Introducing the KilgourMD System

We started from the revolutionary understanding that our scalps age in the same way that faces do - because of stresses from the environment. This led us to develop the KilgourMD System, which is the first comprehensive anti-ageing system for the scalp. Continue reading to understand the steps of this holistic scalp therapy, which unites prevention with treatment.

The Prevention is our preventative scalp serum and the first stage of the KilgourMD system. Think sunscreen for the scalp. It’s suitable for everyone — whether you're 25 or 65 — and helps maintain scalp health and healthy hair growth over time, rather than just treating the appearance of hair thinning which may have already set in. In fact, studies show it can reduce visible hair fall by up to 30% within two months.

The Prevention works perfectly alongside The Treatment, which is the second stage of our system, an intensive rescue therapy perfect for when your hair starts to look thin or when you have noticed increased visible hair fall. The Treatment is like a facelift for the scalp, maximising the appearance of remaining hair once damage has already been done. Studies show it can stimulate hair follicle growth by 200%.


Make it a bundle, save 15%

Our two unique scalp serums work together to deliver transformative benefits for your scalp. In fact, the active ingredients in the two products were studied in a peer-reviewed, randomized controlled trial where they outperformed Rogaine® — and without the side effects. When you use both serums, you'll notice hair that looks thicker, fuller and healthier. That's why we're thrilled to offer you a special discount when you purchase them as a bundle. When you purchase both The Prevention & The Treatment together, you’ll save 15% off the total price plus free shipping.