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Article: The Science of The Prevention


The Science of The Prevention

Hair fall visibly decreases by 30% within two months. RootBioTec® is a transformative basil extract that acts as a natural inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase, the androgen activating hormone within the scalp. The result is hair that stays looking thick and healthy overtime.

Contains the most potent, proven, and penetrative skin antioxidants. The Prevention contains L Ascorbic acid and Resveratrol, which work together to effectively target the oxidative stress pathway that contributes to visible hair fall, thinning and scalp ageing.

Designed to specifically target ‘inflammaging’. Piroctone olamine, Bisabolol, and Zinc combine to powerfully shield the scalp from this important precursor of the oxidative stress pathway that contributes to premature scalp ageing.

Increases the strength and anchoring of the hair shaft. Procapil® has been shown in vitro to double the thickness of the hair root sheath and boost anchoring proteins, resulting in reduced visible hair fall.

Targets one of the root causes of visible hair thinning. Capixyl® and RootBioTec® synergistically act as natural anti-androgens, supporting healthy hair growth.

Patent-pending advance in scalp care technology. Thanks to our research-first approach, our products are unique to KilgourMD, using our advanced proprietary skincare science.

Our patented biophotonic glass bottle brings beauty with brains. Your serum comes in a beautiful, sleek, European-made glass bottle which uniquely filters different light frequencies to both protect and revitalize the natural ingredients within our product, ensuring maximum potency and shelf-life.