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Article: The Science of The Treatment


The Science of The Treatment

Contains the transformative ingredient Redensyl®, derived from green tea. Demonstrated by in vitro studies to increase hair growth by 200% compared to non-treated hair follicles, with twice the performance of 1% minoxidil (also known as Rogaine®).

Clinically proven in a peer-reviewed randomized-controlled trial to outperform minoxidil without the side effects. The combination of Redensyl®, Capixyl® & Procapil® (all found within the revolutionary KilgourMD system) was demonstrated to be superior to maximum strength 5% minoxidil across all outcome measures, and unlike minoxidil, with no known side effects.

Natural extracts directly target hair follicle stem cells.Working together, Amla and Ginseng extracts naturally promote healthy hair growth.

Naturally increases blood supply to the scalp.Rosemary extract supports the delivery of critical hair growth nutrients through increased blood flow.

Counteracts harmful androgen hormones in the scalp.Turmeric, Caffeine, Ginseng, Pumpkin Seed, and Amla extracts work synergistically as natural inhibitors of androgen hormones which otherwise stop healthy hair growth.

Patent-pending advance in scalp care technology.Thanks to our research-first approach, our products are unique to KilgourMD, with our advanced proprietary skincare science.

Our patented biophotonic glass bottle brings beauty with brains.Your serum comes in a beautiful, sleek, European-made glass bottle which uniquely filters different light frequencies to both protect and revitalize the natural ingredients within our product, ensuring maximal potency and shelf-life.